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Yes!   We can make outdoor cushions to your specifications - any size and any shape...

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A small outdoor scatter cushion is around 43cm.  A medium is 50cm and a large is 63cm.  To measure an existing scatter cushion cover, take the insert out and lie the cover flat.  Measure from seam to seam.  If you can't remove the infill, then let the tape measure drape over the cushion.  Remember an outdoor scatter cushion cover will be around 5-10cm smaller when filled.

Self piped outdoor scatter cushions

63cm reverse piped scatter cushion




A boxed outdoor cushion has a side wall and will generally be used for seating.  Foam is available in 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm and up to 25cm.  Just as a general rule, a daybed will be 10cm, a single chair cushion will be 10 - 12cm, and a bench seat will be 5 - 7.5cm.

Above:  10cm boxed cushions in Mindill Lime with Kona Lagoon piping.  

Right: 7.5cm boxed bench seat cover in Bondi Ocean with Kona Ocean



For bench seats and small cushions, we may suggest you have your cover made in a "wrap" style.  This just means the fabric wraps over the front of the cushion without a seam.  It's more cost effective and uses less fabric than a boxed cushion.

outdoor cushion 

Wrap covers can also be effective for a more contemporary look like the lounge setting below in Lomani Pumice.  The seat and side cushions have a wrap effect on the front and are filled with extra Dacron for a more plush look.   Outdoor scatter cushions and ottoman below in Mindill Steel, with coordinating outdoor scatters in Mallacoota Ash and Waikiki Denim.


Piping is an individual choice.  It suits more formal styles of cushion covers and is very effective if done in a contrast colour.


Above (L-R):  Daybed cushion in Coolum Lime with Kona Lagoon contrast piping, Boxed cushion in Seville Seamist with extra thick piping done on the cross, Cushions from our Max range with contrast piping in Kona Lagoon.


If you can come up with an idea, we can sew it.  See below for more examples of how we can create great covers for you:


Above:  Outdoor scatter covers made with mitred stripes and piecework triangles.  Below Left:  Use a combination of a floral and a stripe to create your own stylish outdoor scatter cover.  Below Right:  Dutch roll with horizontal stripe.